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Auricular (Ear) Reflexology

The use of the ear is based on the rich and the multiple connections which it has on the central nervous system. The shape of the body is projected into the ear and every point of the body corresponds to a point of the ear. In a healthy person the link is not apparent but when there is an imbalance of the physiological equilibrium it's point of projection in the ear becomes painful.

Auricular reflexology can be used to treat health conditions in distant parts of the body. Stimulating points in the ear can not only help problems in the face and head, but can also relieve pathological disorders in the chest, abdomen, lower back and feet. According to theory, it is not that there are direct connections between the ear and the back, rather nerves from the ear connect to reflex centers in the brain, which send neurological reflex pathways to the spinal cord and then to neurons going to the spine or to the foot


• Improves the immune system as prevention measure
• Activates the meridian which regulated energy flow
• Stimulates the internal organs
• Improves the circulation in general
• Aids in the flow of the lymphatic system
• Induces deep relaxation
• Stimulates the brain

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