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Facial Reflexology

In regards to facial reflexology, Karen practices two techniques. These include the 'Lone Sorensen'
and 'Marie-France Muller' techiques. Below are overviews of Lone Sorensen's and Marie-France Muller's
facial reflexology techniques. For those interested, Marie-France Muller's book can be purchased here.



How it Works

Facial reflexology Sorensensistem™ works through your most visible feature. Your face is richly
supplied with nerves and blood vessels. Its closeness to the brain may have evolved to ensure
that sensory stimulus only had the shortest route to travel to the control centre of the body to
address your health imbalances.

In a Sorensensistem™ treatment session the entire surface of the face (except the eyelids) is
potentially stimulated, initiating a natural improvement in the blood and energetic circulation in the
body, nerve function to the brain, lymphatic supply and muscle tone of the face. These all may aid
in contributing to an enhanced feeling of whole-body well-being – and a glowing complexion!

The History

Facial reflexology Sorensensistem™ was conceived over 30 years by Ms Lone Sorensen. Its roots
go back many centuries, drawing from a myriad of traditions and practices. It combines both ancient
and modern therapies and scientific anatomical and physiological knowledge with the potential to
balance the individual on all levels, physically, energetically and psychologically.

Facial reflexology Sorensensistem™ combines Chinese energy meridians and acupuncture points,
Vietnamese and South American tribal body maps, and the modern science of neuro-anatomy. It
enables the therapist to potentially identify health imbalances within a client and provides the
knowledge that may initiate a healing process using the balancing properties drawn from all
these disciplines.

Health Benefits

As a complementary therapy, facial reflexology aims to potentially address all aspects of an
individual: emotional, physical, mental and energetic. Therefore any imbalance within an individual
can potentially benefit plus health issues as diverse as menopausal and hormonal issues, digestive
problems including IBS and the general effects of a stressful lifestyle. It is also appropriate for
children to experience.

Above information kindly contributed by Nikke Ariff , www.facialreflexology.com


In Marie-France Muller’s Facial Reflexology: A Self-Care Manual (Healing Arts Press), this alternative
therapy is described in easy-to-understand detail, and supplemented with concise diagrams.

Vietnamese Facial Reflexology

Facial reflexology was developed by Vietnamese doctors to be an alternative to acupuncture. It’s an “energy
rebalancing” approach to wellness. There are 57 facial points that correspond to the energy bodies of the
major organs. Stimulating these points results in improved energy levels in the body, engaging the body’s
innate healing process.

Easily self-administered, facial reflexology provides immediate results. This holistic method of healing is
effective at relieving many common ailments. It’s a therapeutic complementary treatment, allowing clients
to incorporate other healing forms into their care. Facial reflexology is also increasingly used as part of one’s
beauty regime: the gentle massage and stimulation of the muscles and skin increase circulation, thereby
giving the face a sought-after radiance.

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