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Happy Clients!


I enjoy Karen's reflexology treatments regularly, in her lovely, relaxed home environment .
The benefits for me are amazing. Prior to my pampering treatment my body feels quite rigid, and my neck area rather painful. After my relaxing, calming reflexology experience I feel more relaxed and pain has eased considerably. My sleeping is more improved too, (my "Fitbit" confirms this)!.
PS......Karen's caring personality is a health benefit in itself !!.

• Jill, 2015


I was diagnosed with CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) and suffer from chronic pain in my left arm. My treating Dr recommended that I try alternative methods of treatment. I researched the condition and reflexology and hydrotherapy was mentioned by several suffers of CRPS as a treatment. Lucky for me I knew Karen and had watched her work with clients with disabilities. I put myself in her capable hands and she has given me relief from swelling, muscle tension, stress and anxiety. Karen is a member of Reflexology Association of Australia and offers health insurance rebates. Karen is very knowledgeable and has been helpful in treating my condition. Love your work Karen, thank-you!

• E.T, 2012, Murwillumbah


Chris and I are very happy with the reflexology treatment we receive both through the feet and more recently
the face reflexology. We like how it makes us feel good all over and Chris has noticed in particular he finds
the treatment has been helpful to loosen up his shoulders. We also appreciate your knowledge and how you
explain what your doing and what internal organs you are working on. We feel confident that this treatment
could help us with our mission of hopefully conceiving another child. Basically we like how the reflexology
helps us relax and we have been having Karen do reflexology for us since April 2008, so that tells it's own
story when you keep returning and driving from Burleigh Heads Qld to Pottsville NSW !

• N.W & C.W, 2012


Karen really finds the spot. I'm always amazed at how she can work on a place on my foot and I can feel it
register in that troublesome part of my body. Then comes the best bit - the easing of my soreness. That's
why I keep going back. I'm a lifer! Thanks Karen.

• B.A, 2012


Since using Magnesium oil spritz for the past month I have had such magnificent results in both my hip and first finger of my right hand, using the spray three to four times a day. I can now walk without pain and my finger is much better, I can bend it and use it again. Thank you Karen.

• D.O, 2012


I was given a voucher for a reflexology session with Karen for christmas and it was one of the best christmas gifts I could have received. Karen was really lovely, the session was amazing, and I felt awesome afterwards. I hope to go back again soon.

• Brittany, 14 yrs, 2012


From personal experience I have no hesitation in recommending Karen Border who as an accredited member
of the Reflexology Association of Australia has shown great dedication and care in her work. I am happy to
recommend Karen's reflexology treatments. Some time ago I was suffering with badly swollen feet and legs and I found it painful to walk. Karen began treatment, identifying other ailments I had and suggesting exercises to
help alleviate them, but most of all she worked wonders on my feet. The swelling subsided, I had ankles that
were visible again and the redness in my legs was much less, while the pain in my feet had disappeared.

• CB, 2012


Karen is a good friend and work colleague of mine, for the past six years now. Reflexology is the ultimate
“tune-up” and relaxation therapy. I have experienced many  reflexology sessions with Karen over the years
and find her to be very professional, thorough and caring in her delivery of reflexology. A one hour session with
Karen includes a warm and friendly welcome, followed by a  refreshing foot bath. Then a relaxing combination
of specialized massage and pressure point techniques  will leave you totally blissed out, relaxed and nurtured.
Highly recommended!

• T.M, 2012


Karen's 'Focus and Clarity' drops (Bush Flower Essence) really make a difference when I'm studying for
my exams. I highly recommend them to other students, as they work wonders for me.

• L.D, 2012


A reflexology session with Karen is much more than a foot massage. I was amazed at just how effective it was
...all while I was relaxing! I appreciated the follow up contact the next day. Karen is a caring & professional
practitioner who is dedicated to the wellbeing of others.

• L.M, 2012

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